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BudsnRoses - Deliver Happiness with Roses - Best Florist in Surat

Sunday, April 19, 2015 7:04:53 AM Asia/Calcutta

Deliver Happiness with Roses – Best Florist Surat

Roses .. The word itself brings the feeling of freshness and love. A bunch of beautiful roses is a perfect gift for any kind of occasion. With a huge variety in size, shape and colors, roses express our feelings, appreciation and love. A flower of rose is steeped into the tradition and hence, with the refinement and development of the language of roses over the years, different kinds of roses have been associated with different occasions. The color, type and the number of roses determine its corresponding occasion. Though love and romance are supposed to be the most preferred reason to send roses, roses can be a wonderful gift for an array of other important occasions. With a huge wealth of colors and varieties in roses, there is virtually no limit to the different types of occasions they can be used for.



Sending a fresh flower bouquet is a certainly a great idea for best wishes, but is addition to this, a bouquet of beautiful roses as a beautiful centerpiece can surely add a charm to a birthday party. Usually, an assortment of multi-colored, or a bouquet yellow roses are preferred for the birthday wishes.


Everyone is aware of the correlation of romance and roses and charming red roses are the obvious choice for romantic occasions. Red roses are the perfect symbol of love and a great means to speak the language of love without any words. Whenever you want to say “I Love You” or express your feelings on occasions like anniversary or Valentine’s Day, then just gift a bouquet of red roses. In the floral community, the correlation between romance and red roses is one of the well-known and enduring traditions.


White color symbolizes unity and purity, and hence, traditionally, white roses are associated with weddings to signify the commitment with a new bond of marriage. Furthermore, a beautifully designed bouquet of fresh roses can be a centerpiece at your wedding party.  Order one from the best florist in Surat and the event will surely be cherished for years to come

Get Well

Fresh flowers have an immediate impact on emotions. Saying get well soon with a bunch of fresh roses can be a perfect idea to brighten your near-dear one’s day. Vibrant and cheerful colors of roses will surely convey your message and this will certainly lift someone’s spirits. It is the best way to make one feel that he or she is being thought of. The well-known florist in Surat knows how to arrange the best flowers to convey your message perfectly.

Mother’s Day

The unconditional love of our mothers is simply inexpressible in words. Without our mothers, the life would have been insufferable. Mother’s Day, is a special occasion to express our appreciation and make her feel special. Sending a bunch of roses, which she likes the most, is certainly a great idea to cherish and honor the special bond of love. Being a mother is surely a tricky task and a special gift of flowers will be the way to express your gratitude for everything she does for you.


Since centuries, roses are used to express our deep emotions. Soft muted colors are preferred for conveying the massage of sympathy. Usually, white roses expressing reverence and honor are chosen. Traditionally, pale pink roses convey a message of sympathy.

 Thank You

Beautiful roses conveying a message of appreciation are an ideal way to express your gratitude. Traditionally, dark pink colored roses are the most preferred option to say thank you.

From saying thank you to expressing your love, sympathy or gratitude, roses make a perfect gift for every occasion. With a huge variety to choose from, choosing the right roses can sometimes be a tricky task. However, the best florist Surat can help you have a bouquet of perfect roses that will compliment the occasion. A perfect bouquet will certainly be appreciated for the thoughtfulness and spirit of love with which it is given.

Roses and Chocolates

Chocolates and roses certainly make a superb gift combination. A box of chocolate with a bouquet of fresh roses will certainly make one feel loved. You can add a special accent by adding chocolates to a gift of roses.

Online flower delivery in Surat will deliver happiness, conveying your message perfectly to your near-dear ones. So, get ready to express your feelings by sending a fresh bouquet of roses now.

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Mother’s Day- A special tribute to motherhood

Thursday, May 7, 2015 10:38:59 PM Asia/Calcutta

For thousands of years, Mother's Day has been acknowledged in special ways. This special day is celebrated in over 46 countries around the world! In most of the countries, the second Sunday in the month of May is celebrated as Mother’s day. Date and time may differ from country to country, but the feelings and the spirit with which this fabulous occasion is celebrated remains the same.

Moms mean everything to us, since when we were small. We feel warm and protected when she is around us rather our complete life revolves around her. The day is round the corner to honor the utmost blessing of God on you.

This is the special day when the mothers are honored for their priceless love and devotion towards their children. They are showered with thanking notes, care, love, flowers, cakes, gift items and special surprises. Though every day should be celebrated as mother’s day, this is a special day when every child on globe pays their modest tribute to their moms. For everything our moms do for us from giving birth to giving real meaning to our lives. The special care, and love is truly priceless and this is the day when one can express feelings and gratitude to the mom.

Thank Your Mother

Mother's day

There is hardly any way we can ever thank our mother for the invaluable love and everything she has done for us. From waking us up, getting ready for school/college, preparing nicest tiffin, she does everything and even endures all our tantrums. She is keen about cooking healthy recipes. Furthermore, she happily helps a child in completing studies, school projects and preparing for exams.

Our mothers work round the clock and keep worrying about the children every moment. Still, the priceless job of motherhood simply remains unattended. Mothers don’t even expect anything in return. However, the joy of motherliness should be honored and celebrated. Special thanks with special appreciation can make her feel very proud.
If you want to make Mothers Day memorable, then strive to plan the day. Just a warm hug, special pampering with send fresh flowers, and a cake can make her feel very special. Here are some ideas to make her day very memorable.

  • Time with friends and family could be a great idea. There could be nothing worth the quality time spent with near-dear ones. She will love this for sure.
  • Arrange a special get together. Memorizing your mom’s childhood could be real fun.
  • A day out, where she can spend the time as she wants could be a superb way to make her feel relaxed.
  • Gift her a Spa treatment. This will surely make her relax. A few hours away from the hustles and bustles of life can rejuvenate her.

Think about your moms likes and dislikes and surely you will be able to come up with some superb idea.

Simple yet memorable gifts to celebrate Mothers day

Making your mom’s day special by gifting her a stylish watch or a fabulous vacation is just a good idea; however, simple gifts like flowers can be a fabulous way to brighten up your mom’s day. Vibrant colors of flowers can bring a huge smile on her face. Further, flowers are available in a huge variety, so you can choose according to your need and budget. As the mother’s day is getting closer fast, you just need to be on toes and look for a perfect gift to honor your mom and celebrate mother’s day. However, special thanks to the Internet and technology, which provides us an opportunity to shop things online. You can send flowers online.

No matter you live in any other city, and want to say happy  mother’s day to your mom who lives in Ahmedabad. Just a few clicks and you can send not only flowers, but a cake as well. Reliable sources like Ahmedabad online flowers & gift shop will let you celebrate your mother’s special day even when you are away from her. Your mother will be certainly amazed when she will receive the online cake and flower delivery in Ahmedabad.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your quest for the best with Ahmedabad florist and get ready to bring a special smile on your mom’s face.

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An occasion to honor the motherhood

Thursday, May 7, 2015 10:47:03 PM Asia/Calcutta

Every one of us has a special woman in our life, who does everything for us since our childhood...

Yes, that’s our mom and she means a lot to us. The spirit of motherhood is worth saluting. Giving birth, bringing up a child and helping him or her grow up into an adult is certainly a challenging task and that is the essence of motherliness. Every mother faces countless hardships in this interesting yet challenging process. The day to salute the everlasting bond of love and affection between a mother and a child is just round the corner. Yes, the Mother’s day is getting closer and it is the time to express the gratitude for everything she does for you.

The Mother’s Day

Actually, every day should be mother’s day. The occasion where the society and child memorizes and acknowledges the true spirit of motherhood. Generally, it is the 2nd Sunday that comes in the month of May. Ms. Anna Jervis and Ms. Julia Ward Howe need to be specially mentioned here. They strived hard to acknowledge Mother’s Day in this world.

The Celebration

Saying Wish you a very happy mother’s day to your mom will make her feel proud. Actually, no gift is worth the priceless love every mother gives to her child.  However, you can make the day special with a beautiful celebration of mother’s day. Visiting restaurants, gifting jewelry or vacation can make her happy. Just a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a note of gratitude for her undoubtedly dedicated love is certainly the best idea. With the advancement in technology, and commercialization of everything, including the occasion, the real spirit of the special day seems to be lost somewhere. It’s your mom and just fresh flowers, a cake expressing your love and gratitude can mean a lot to her. You will find numerous choices of gifts out there for making your mom’s day special. However, rather than piling on material gifts, simple yet magical gifts like flowers and cake can make you create a wow moment. Sending flowers and cakes online, is the most preferred way now to save your time and money as well.

Consider this:

  • It’s a Sunday morning. When you laze around in bed or read newspaper or watch television, your mother is busy in the kitchen to make a 'special' breakfast for you.
  • Even after a hectic office schedule, your mother cleans the mess, prepares dinner for you, and does numerous things to keep the house, when you troop home, throw off your clothes and shoes, demanding tasty things for munching.

Isn’t it unfair? Does the woman who works round the clock can’t have the fun? We keep enjoying and our mothers are there to cook, clean and keep the house in order. Not only this, but taking care of everything we need and worrying about us, and teaching us values and good habits. We should not take them for granted. We certainly love them, but we should show the gratitude and express what they mean to us.  

It is time to express your love and honor your mom. Make her feel special on this best occasion by gifting her flowers, cakes and love she deserves. Turning the dreams into reality is the best gift a child can give to her/his mom. Yet a promise to fulfill her expectations with a thanking note accompanied by flowers and/or cake can bring a huge smile on your mom’s face.

Mother's day Gift
Organize an event

If you want to make your mom’s day, then proper planning and execution can simplify the things. Wake up your mom with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers in hands. Plan for surprises like serving her breakfast or arranging for a day with her friends. She will surely thank for a beautiful evening she spent with her friends. Small things can make her feel special. You just need to think wisely. The Internet has simplified our lives. Shopping for gifts like flowers, cakes and other gifts, is just a matter of a few clicks. You need not to wander here and there in search of fresh and beautiful flowers. Surat online gift store can help you  plan for a special surprise. Arranging things according to your mom’s choice will be a simply great way to make her day. You can send flowers online Surat. It is easy, simple and fast. So, go for it now.

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Flowers – A stress Buster and a perfect gift for all occasions!

Monday, July 13, 2015 12:42:23 PM Asia/Calcutta

Almost everyone is now a day’s dealing with stress. Point is that we have so many things to catch up with, that we forget to give time to ourselves. We don’t have time even to sit idle at one place and admire the natural beauty of the nature. Nature has given us abundant things on which we can ponder upon once in a while and relieve our stress. One of the basic and the most beautiful thing that nature has given is “Flowers”. Studies prove that flowers are one of the way to ease down stress levels. The fragrance and the colors are so soothing that they help us to bust the stress and help us relax.

Why plant flowers in pot at home or garden?

If you observe, it is a common practice of planting flowers in almost all the houses. Be it a big bungalow with a garden or a small house. You will definitely find a flower plant. It’s wonderful and mesmerizing to see a plant with blooming flowers. Their vibrant colors cheer up our mood. And the fragrance of lovely flowers make the surroundings smell awesome. It brings in positively and cheers up our mood. Flowers can also be seen in places of worship, hospitals, celebrations etc. Reason is spreading happiness and bringing positivity. An ailing patient recovers faster when there is positivity around. Flowers bring the same along with its colors and fragrance.

Why is flowers the first choice as gift?

‘Flowers’ are very common choice as a gift. Have you ever wondered why? Is it because it’s easily available? Or it’s because everyone loves flowers? These are some of the reasons that make flowers a common choice for gifting. However, one of the most important reason behind gifting flowers is that it brings instant happiness and relieves stress. The colors and fragrance makes your mind calm and helps you relax. It brings happy emotions and improves health emotionally. This makes you feel a lot calmer, happier and relaxed. It brings in positive energies to you.

Online flowers

Where to buy perfect flowers from?

We are so pre-occupied with so many things that, visiting a florist looks really impossible. Easiest way out is to go online. Online flower delivery looks like a perfect solution right? Online florist has varieties of fresh flowers. Delivering flowers of your choice will make you content as, you won’t have to compromise on the type and color of flowers. Online flower delivery from online flower shop will make sure that your demands are fulfilled. Online flower shop or the online florist will deliver the online flowers to the place you want. Send flowers online to your beloved person anytime, anyplace. Gift online flowers and bring smiles to all your loved ones. Happiness on your beloved's face will bring contentment and happiness to you too.

How to send online flowers?

In a high tech era, it is really simple to send flowers online. You can send online flowers anywhere in India. There are many websites which are working perfectly and send online flower delivery in India. These websites are really safe. Buy online flowers in India anytime and send online flowers. Online flowers orders are taken as per your choice. This service is available 24X7, so you can place your online flowers order anytime. You can be anywhere around the world, still you can send online flower delivery in India. Even if you reside anywhere in India, you can buy online flowers in India.

Which is the best place to send flowers to India, online?

There are many websites available from where you can buy flowers online. Bud n Roses is one of the most safest and efficient online florist from where we can buy online flowers in India. It has almost all the varieties of flowers available. And the payment gateway is also very safe. You get to choose from the type of flower arrangement as well, for example a glass vase or a bunch. Plus it caters to delivery of online flowers for almost all the occasions as well. And it is affordable too. So, now you can easily send flowers to India anytime and spread happiness thereby decreasing stress.

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Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Gifts on Indian Gifts Portal

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 9:33:59 PM Asia/Calcutta

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Gifts on Indian Gifts PortalRakhsha bandhan, popularly also known as Rakhi is a festival to celebrate the sacred and unconditional bond that the brother and sister share. Raksha bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of the Shravan month of Hindu calendar. Raksha bandhan literally means "knot of protection".

On this festival as a ritual sister ties a sacred thread around her brother's wrist. She also applies some tilak on his forehead and offers some sweets. Brother on his part presents the sister with some gifts.

In this modern day and age and in this fast paced life, it is not always possible for brother and sister to be together on the occasion. But still one would like to send their good wishes and gifts to their brothers and sisters.

With the progress that we have made in the technology field, things have become easier. We can do things which were not possible 5-10 years back. Online gift sending is one such thing which has become a possibility now. Many websites like have come up which let you choose and book your gift online and deliver is at the desired location at the desired time. The process is very smooth and effortless and quick. It is possible to place an order in real quick time and guaranteed delivery.

So one could be sitting in one corner of the world and still could be able to send gifts online to his/her brother/sister sitting in some other corner of the world make them feel special and loved.

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Need a Gift Idea for Father’s Day 2016

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 8:25:02 PM Asia/Calcutta

Online Gift Shop in Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, AhmedabadSo what did you do for mother’s day? Took her out to a restaurant, gifted her a rejuvenating spa voucher or bought her the lovely earrings she has been eyeing for months? Well, father’s day is coming soon and though the men are less sentimental of the two sexes does not mean that the day should be spent without any gift.

Daughters are generally more attached to their father and therefore they would definitely like to make it a memorable day for their father.

Some of the gift ideas that we came across while browsing through stuffs are watches, cufflinks or perfumes. If your father is partying types, you could think of gifting beer mugs, champagne glasses or may be a bottle of imported wine. If your father is geek type or gadgets freak, you could consider gifting mobile phone, iPad, Bluetooth headsets.

With the advent of online websites/portals, most of these gifts can now be ordered online from the comfort of your home. Most of these online gift shops deliver in big cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune etc. You could also get it gift packed and delivered directly at your fathers place in case you are currently not staying with them.

So what are you waiting for? Step out or get hold of your laptops and order a gift for your loving father without any further ado.

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The Ultimate Secret of Birthday Cake Idea to Order Online

Thursday, September 1, 2016 11:58:20 AM Asia/Calcutta

Online Birthday Cake Shops | Online Delivery of Cakes | Birthday Cakes to Ordering OnlineIf you are thinking to choose something special along with flower bouquets for birthday, Buds N Roses offers delicious, yummy and personalized cakes to please your loved ones. Cakes can be given on any festival or occasion with great joy and enthusiasm. We have gifts for all gifting occasions and for people of all the ages. So, give your special touch and show your love and affection in the form of gift.

You can browse through a variety of online birthday cake shops to find your perfect birthday cake. Cakes are the MUST for any celebration, may be small or big. It brings an instant smile on everyone’s face. You can remain completely assured regarding the quality and services. We offer our services in India- Pune Ahmadabad, Mumbai and Bangalore.

You will find many birthday cakes to ordering online at our website. Consider the likes and taste of the recipient and then make your order from our online portal. Online delivery of cakes timely and correctly is our goal. So, now send cake anywhere to the person you love the most on any simple occasion and make him feel loved and special.

Free Midnight Delivery Order now! or Call +91 9726285952 (Timing: 8AM to Midnight)


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Take the Online Route to Send Anniversary to India

Friday, September 2, 2016 11:26:02 AM Asia/Calcutta

Online Flowers And Gifts | Wedding Gifts Online | Gifts to Buy OnlineAre you planning to send anniversary gifts to your loved ones in India? So, why worry when there are so many online gifting websites. Buds N Roses provides you with an array of ideas for wedding gifts online, making the process of sending gifts indeed the most simplest, easiest yet attractive and impressive. You no longer have to waste your time travelling around and hunting for the most reliable gift. Choose gifts to buy online with just a single click.

Online flowers and gifts can be sent in many places in India such as Ahmedabad, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and so on. Visit your online shopping mall and your own place itself. Whether, it is a birthday anniversary or your wedding anniversary you will find a plethora of gifting categories with a variety of options for you to make your special choice for your special person.

You can select from a range of gifting categories that includes chocolates, flowers, soft toys, cakes, jewelry, cards and the list goes on. The gift will be delivered to the person at the right time and right destination. You will be pleased to hear from the person with a lot of excitement that he was quite delighted with such a beautiful surprise.

Free Midnight Delivery Order now! or Call +91 9726285952 (Timing: 8AM to Midnight)

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Send Flower Bouquets With Chocolates On The Birthday Of Your Loved Ones

Saturday, September 3, 2016 11:26:06 AM Asia/Calcutta

Birthday Gifts Online Delivery | Buy Birthday Gifts to Send Online | Online Birthday Gifts DeliveryLife is full of fun and joy and you can make it even more excited by sharing things with your loved ones. Life is like a roller castle with several ups and downs. Forget the sorrows and don’t miss a single opportunity to celebrate the little joys of life. Buds N Roses help you to spread your happiness around in the form of flowers and gifts. It is a great pleasure to send gifts to your dear ones. We are one of the best online Gift Shoppe to help you find the perfect gift to delight your family and friends.

It’s your loved ones birthday approaching near and you are simply worrying how to celebrate the same. You can easily buy birthday gifts to send online that includes a beautiful flower bouquet decorated with chocolates. We assure online birthday gifts delivery to the person and make sure it reaches the recipient at the right time.

Flower bouquets with chocolates can be personalized for siblings, spouse, kids, babies or for corporate events. Birthday gifts online delivery on time is our motto. So, now you can send flower bouquets to your dear ones across India in Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai ad Bangalore.

Free Midnight Delivery Order now! or Call +91 9726285952 (Timing: 8AM to Midnight)

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Order a Cake Online: Let Your Loved-one Indulge in the Goodness of Life!

Sunday, September 4, 2016 11:26:10 AM Asia/Calcutta

Order A Birthday Cakes Online  for Delivery | Buy Birthday Cakes Online Delivery | Online Birthday Cakes BookingAre you looking forward to order a delicious and yummy cake to a person apart? Buds N Roses takes online birthday cakes booking and delivers fresh cakes to your doorstep. We are the leading online flower and cake delivery in Ahmedabad, Pune, and Mumbai with our products at the most competitive rates. High quality service is indeed assured.

We are well equipped with a wide variety of cake flavors and designs and you can make your choice from alphabet cakes, graphic cakes, themed cakes, anniversary-special cakes, etc. order a birthday cake online for delivery at Buds N Roses and please your loved ones. You can order cakes for any occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Get-togethers, Friendship Day and so on. All you have to do is just place an online order with your theme mentioned, providing all the details.

We get a large number of online birthday cake bookings because people really find it very convenient to place an order from the comfort of their house and get the cake delivered to a person at the right time. It is indeed a hassle free job loaded with lots of fun and excitement both, for the giver and the receiver.

Free Midnight Delivery Order now! or Call +91 9726285952 (Timing: 8AM to Midnight)

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